About Codex

Codex immerses herself in her creations and oftentimes describes them as versions of some of her own inner characters

American born, she has lived and travelled in many states and countries and has picked up influences in a blend that is uniquely hers. Her initial love of Disney, enhanced by Asian anime, and further influenced by Hollywood B-flicks, have all worked together to shape the mind of one of America's most influential young artists.

She will get lost in her creative zone for days on end, rarely leaving her studio or even coming up for air and routinely emerges with creations that extract a multitude of "wow"s from the numerous fans of her art. Equipped with several bags of Hot Fries and a never-ending supply of Dr. Pepper, she lives the life of an artist aloof to the trials and tribulations of us mere-mortals around her.

She works across a broad range of media, as momentary whims move her from her sketch pad, to her tablet, or into the world of Sculpey. There are no clocks in her studio and her creative timeline knows no boundaries. But her focus is intense and her attention to detail is quite phenomenal and when attached to her endless imagination of creatures and scenes from these alternate dimension worlds, the results are a breathtaking array of creatures and features that take us away to a better place. Read more about her studio.